The Egyptian Society of Diabetic Foot (ESDF) is a Non Governmental Organization. ESDF aims to enhance foot care for diabetic patients in Egypt through spreading knowledge and enhancing active collaboration between all specialties interested in saving limbs and lives of diabetic patients.

 Clear targets have been proposed to enable ESDF to fulfill its mission. 
A) Short Term Targets :
 1- Patient education about foot problems in diabetes through periodicals published in Arabic language. 
2- Arrange meetings with patients all over Egypt to increase patient awareness with the problem.
3- Establishment of ESDF website to present the activities of the society and interact with   both patients and physicians.
4- Encourage physicians to give more time and care for the feet of their patients, through PDF presentations and educational videos.
5- Organize annual national conference to deal with diabetic foot problems and recent therapeutic modalities.
6- Provide free offloading devices for poor patients.
7- Sponsor research directed to solve local foot problems.
B) Long Term Targets: 
 1- Establishment of  Limb Preservation Center
2- Establishment of Podiatry Institute.